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Full-encapsulated Split Tee

Full-encapsulated Split Tee
  • Full-encapsulated Split Tee

There are cast iron pipe Hough type pipe clamps and plastic pipe Hough type large pipe clamps. The sealing method is the same as that of the Hough joint. They are respectively suitable for the addition of cast iron pipes and plastic pipes to branch pipes, and the connection with the valve is flange connection.

Technical analysis: The sealing method adopts the half-joint sealing structure, and the product has the function of the half-joint at the same time as the open-hole tube clamp. The position of the sealing ring is far away from the hole, and the sealing is more reliable and lasting when the plastic pipe is opened.



The seal rubber should be away from the hole-tapping part


DN600X750-400: means tapping 400mm tole in DN600 DI pipe and the split tee length is 750mm


P500X500-200: means tapping 200mm tole in DN600 PE pipe and the split tee length is 500mm.


DN600X1000-600: means tapping 600mm tole in DN600 DI pipe and the split tee length is 1000mm.

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